Ah, The Island !

Long Island has been forgotten in time....we are 350 miles from Miami but you would think we were a mere speck somewhere in a vast ocean since there is virtually NO major development here. The Island got electricity and a paved main road only 20 years ago!

​The island is over 80 miles long but there are only 3,000 people here.....it is pristine and untouched. And everyone always says that the People of Long Island are the friendliest folks they've ever met.......happy to have you experience THEIR island home.

​When I take people around the island and we stop at deserted beaches stretching for miles they just can't believe it. They've never had such a beach to themselves before in their lives. And then we go to the next one, and the next one, and the next one and it's the same thing....beautiful white sand beaches with gin-clear water and not a soul in sight ! Think about that for one second...have you ever experienced this before?

You can here on Long Island !

​Take a look at the following videos to get an idea of what Long Island is all about.

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Beachside cottages

Long Island, The Bahamas